This is me – My individalized SKIN EXPERIENCE!

SKIN EXPERIENCE is YOUR facial skincare exclusively tailored to your skin. That´s unique. Unique like you!

To prepare your individualized SKIN EXPERIENCE, we invite you to tell us all your wishes and specifics concerning your skin. We want to get to know your daily rituals as well as medical or any other important informations.

Take your time and answer the questions on the following pages!

But first of all: Please provide us with your personal data, which we will treat – of course – confindentially


These are my concerns!

How does my facial skin feel like? How do I experience my skin? Which problems do I struggle with – in the last days or maybe even for years? What are my wishes? What are my concerns and beauty-goals?

Choose your top three concerns of the moment:

Important questions and specifis concerning my skin

Your skin is unique. It reflects current concerns about sensitivities, skin feeling an your habits. SKIN EXPERIENCE takes up all these concerns, respects every detail and puts a focus on you and your wishes! Tell us: How are you? And how is your skin feeling?

I have a known allergy? I had allergic reactions to certain products or medications?*
I am currently pregnant or I am breast-feeding?*
I use special medication with impact on my sun-sensitivity or on my skin in general?*
Currently I am under medical supervision concerning my skin? (if the answer is yes – please talk to your doctor about possible interactions)*
I had medical treatments during the last days (e. g. laser, peelings, ...)?*
My skin is very sensitive (e. g. after shaving, epilation, cosmetic treatment, peelings, etc.)?
I spend more than three hours per day in front of a screen (computer, laptop, TV, mobile phone)?
I smoke regularly?
I drink alcohol regularly?
My skin is exposed to sunlight more than three hours a day?
I travel by plane more than 12 times a year?
I live in a city with more than 100000 inhabitants?
I sleep less than five hours a day?
(women only:) I am in my menopause?
* required informations.

Additional informations

Almost done! For a maximal individualization of your SKIN EXPERIENCE we would need some extra informations:

Please give us these additional informations on your skin: *

How sensitive is my skin to the sun? Which is my skin type? *

Type I: My skin is highly sensitive to sun exposure and doesnt get a tan, self protection time of my skin is around 15 minutes, blond or red natural hair color, I find freckles on my skin

Type II: My skin only rarely gets a tan and gets a sunburn easily, self protection time of my skin is around 20 minutes, blond or light brown natural hair color, fair skin

Type III: My skin gets a light tan in summer, sometimes gets a sunburn, self protection time of my skin is around 30 minutes, middle blond to brown natural hair color, rarely freckles on my skin

Type IV: My skin gets a tan easily in summer, self protection time of my skin is around 40 minutes, dark brown natural hair color, light brown to olive green skin

Type V: My skin gets a brown or even dark brown tan easily, self protection time of my skin is around 60 minutes, black natural hair color, my skin almost never gets a sunburn

Type VI: My skin hardly ever gets a sunburn, skin color is dark brown to black – even without sun exposure, self protection time of my skin is around 80 minutes, dark black natural hair color

How does my skin feel in the evening?
My skin is dry and feels tight
My skin feels partly dry
My skin is oily
My skin is partly oily (T-zone = forehead, nose, chin)
My skin feels normal
I prefer a special and very delicate scent for my SKIN EXPERIENCE? *
Yes – delicate citrus fresh kick
Yes – floral romantic fragrance
Yes – exotic fascinating
Yes – teasingly scent
Yes – green tea
Yes - #special edition
No thanks – I prefer the natural scent of the ingredients only
Which care products do you use?
By uploading a portrait photo of your facial skin your SKIN EXPERIENCE could get even more individual


1. collection and payment at the reception of Medical Spa at Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden*
2. collection and payment at our medical office in Klagenfurt, Lidmanskygasse 8, Klagenfurt*
3. direct delivery to my home and advance payment*

Thanks for your order.

We now have all the necessary informations to create your individualized SKIN EXPERIENCE.

Look forward to your SKIN EXPERIENCE!

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